African Biosciences Ltd will launch clinical DNA testing services in a few months, through partnership with hospitals, clinics and medical testing labs for tests in cardiology, endocrinology, microbiology and oncology.  Our list of healthcare partners will soon be displayed here where you may request a clinical DNA test or go to have sample drawn and forwarded to us.

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is medical condition in which uncontrolled cell growth is observed in body, if not treated at correct time it can lead to death. It can be caused by environmental factors, radiation exposure, genetic toxicity etc. Majority of cancers are triggered by altered genes; specific mutations in these genes results into uncontrolled proliferation of cells which leads to tumor formation. Identification of this mutation is mandatory to understand staging of cancer, its hereditary and personalized therapy selection. We will offer genetic testing services for following oncology markers related to breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia and many more. We use advanced state-of-art platforms to identify and report these mutations for both diagnostic and prognostic uses.

Tests Offered

Hereditary Diseases

Hereditary diseases are genetic disorders that are passed on from one generation to another through defective genes. In certain conditions the disease symptoms are not observed but the defective gene is present in body and these humans are carriers of disease. If both the partners have family histories of disease, they can pass the defective genes to their next generation which cause disease in children. Hereditary disease tests identify genetic mutations that provides information regarding their offspring’s potential health risks.

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Infectious Disease Testing

Disorders caused by pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungi etc. are called infectious diseases. Millions of deaths are caused world by microbial infections. Early detection of pathogens is important to determine effective treatment and long-term management of infected patients. Molecular testing of infectious pathogens is mandatory to opt for treatment and monitor the therapy. This platform uses highly sensitive molecular technology for qualitative and quantitative measurement of pathogen, to help clinicians monitor status of the disease and detect drug resistance.

Tests Offered

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