Frequently Asked Questions

This is an important part of newborn health that ensures that the newborn baby is screened for important diseases and medical conditions. Early detection can prevent may of the from becoming life threatening or leading to disability including mental retardation, metabolic disturbances, or poor growth, etc. Others like sickle cell disease are life-long conditions that must be managed, and the earlier parents know the better. AfricanBioMedTests™ offers three panel of diseases starting at ₦25,000 for sickle cell disease, congenital hypothyroidism, congenial adrenal hyperplasia, and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

If your baby is born in one of our partner hospitals or clinics then newborn screening will be offered but if your baby will be born or is born in a non-participating hospital or clinic, you can order the NBS kit from our website to be delivered to you. Then you go to one of our designated medical testing labs to have sample taken from your newborn, pay for the test and drop if off there.

    • We offer three panels as follows:


  • Economy Panel Newborn Screening Kit (4 diseases) for ₦25,000
  • Standard Panel Newborn Screening Kit (7 diseases) for ₦40,000
  • Premium Panel Newborn Screening Kit (10 diseases) for ₦60,000

Yes, we provide DNA testing for clinical use in cardiology, endocrinology, microbiology and oncology. Please select clinical DNA testing above for more information or contact us at

We offer all manner of DNA testing for agriculture/food, paternity, academic/research, forensic and clinical uses.

Paternity DNA tests require cells collected by scraping the inside of your cheeks. Legal paternity DNA testing require a chain-of-custody and clinical DNA tests require tissue biopsies, blood or plasma samples. Other DNA testing requires different types of samples. Contact us at

You can buy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) DNA Kit from our website at ₦4,000 by clicking here, or you can buy from any HealthPlus pharmacy in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt for ₦4,500 (testing fee is extra, paid online or paid when you submit the sample).

Once the samples are collected using our DIY DNA kit, you can drop it off at any HealthPlus pharmacy, selected supermarkets, stores or medical testing labs in Abuja, Lagos  and Port Harcourt or send it by courier or hand deliver to our office in Lagos.

By drop off at a partner location – no extra charge

By courier – customer pays for courier charges

By hand delivery by customer to our Lagos office

You can see the list of drop off locations by clicking here.

Results can be obtained by email, or by logging into your account on our website to download results. Customers must set up a profile on our website to download results.

In addition to the DIY kit, we charge a flat rate of ₦76,000 for non-legal paternity DNA testing (plus ₦4,000 for DIY kit totals ₦80,000) with a turnaround time of 3 weeks. Legal paternity DNA testing cost ₦136,000 ((plus ₦4,000 for DIY kit totals ₦140,000). Our prices are subject to change without notice. For the other tests, please contact us at

When you buy from our website you can make payment by credit/debit card, PayPal, Quickteller and have the kit delivered to you at no extra charge for ₦4,000. You may also do ATM/bank transfer and pick up from any HealthPlus pharmacy for ₦4,500. After purchase, you must validate DNA kit, either by emailing us the reference code on kit through our website or texting the reference code on kit to 0700 DNA TEST (0700 362 8378) for payment to be tracked, confirmed and credited.

Each kit has a unique reference code printed on it. After purchase, you send that code from your profile account on our website or text it to 0700 DNA TEST (0700 362 8378) to validate your kit. You will receive a message back to verify your kit.

Testing is done using the latest DNA testing technology by accredited labs. We have provided some more information on DNA testing here.

Yes, you may choose our payment that is interest-free for 90 days. You validate your kit, deposit ₦10,000 and pay the balance within 90 days to have paternity DNA testing done. We recommend that you do not submit your sample until you are ready to do the test when payment is completed. If testing is not done at the end of 90 days, the deposit is forfeited.

The flat rate price of ₦76,000 is for paternity DNA testing of 1 child using samples from alleged father and child because we do not need sample from the mother to determine paternity. There is a charge of ₦49,000 for every additional child.

Our non-legal paternity DNA testing is for non-judicial use. It is for those who seek peace of mind about the paternity of a child or children. Court-ordered or legal DNA testing is available. For more information, please contact us at

Yes, we provide DNA testing for agricultural uses such as DNA-based traceability of meat, molecular detection of pathogens and detection of toxins in grains and legumes. Please select agriculture/food DNA testing above for more information or contact us at