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Breast Cancer Genes

Test for genetic mutations for hereditary cause of breast cancer.

Paternity DNA Testing

Determine the biological paternity of a child. Can be done as early as day of birth of newborn baby.

Newborn Screening

Screen newborn babies through 12 months of age for a long list of medical conditions.

STI Panels (7 or 14 pathogens)

Accurate molecular testing for up to 14 different sexually transmitted infections.

Immunology Panel

Human Inborn Errors of Immunity (IEI), such as autoinflammatory disease, neoplasia, autoimmunity, or allergy.

Prenatal Sickle Cell Genotype (AS/AS Couple)

Determine the sickle cell genotype of a fetus before birth using fetal cells in maternal circulation

Infectious Disease Testing

Measures viral load in patients chronically infected with HIV, hepatitis using highly sophisticated and accurate PCR technique.

Cancer Screening

Help to understand the risk of developing hereditary cancer of the breast, colon, kidney, stomach, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, skin, thyroid, and uterus.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test

From 10 weeks of pregnancy for women older than 35 years of age with recurrent miscarriages. Baby’s gender included for free.

Solid Tumor Panel

Detects over 5,000 validated oncogenic variants associated with over 30 cancers with approved targeted therapies.

Fertility X Testing

Fertility X panel for women who have failed to conceive, or have more than one miscarriage, with irregular or absent menstruation.

Fertility Y Testing

Fertility Y panel is recommended for men who are part of a couple who have experienced more than one miscarriage, or with low sperm count.

Kidney Disease Panel

Hereditary kidney disorders, including polycystic kidney disease, Alport syndrome, renal tubular acidosis panel, focal glomerulonephrosis panel, cilia dysfunction.

Cancer Pediatric

Cancer tests for children covering leukemia, malignant brain tumors, lymphomas, bone cancer, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor and rhabdomyosarcoma.


Timely detection and diagnosis of heart disorders for enhanced treatment options, and help to prevent sudden cardiac death, and improve prognosis.

Combined Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Screening

Artificial intelligence-driven screening of mammogram images for both breast cancer and cardiovascular disease using one single image.

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Our platform provides easy access to a wide range of molecular tests for convenient ordering from our website or mobile app. Samples can then be collected at a nearby collection center for testing by one of our trusted lab partners.

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Nationwide access to testing allows anyone anywhere in Nigeria to order a molecular test, have sample collected nearby, with results digitally delivered to them.

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